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June 2013

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Christmas ornament Tutorial

Holidays are right around corner, aren't they?...
So many things we want to do....
We want to make everyone we love to feel special.
Well, I want to suggest making Christmas ornaments together as a family, or as a personal ond loving gifts to your family members and friends.

I got on e-bay plain circle coasters, they are so cheap! :)
And you'll need some doilies, pretty picture like the one I have used from Crafty Secrets,
 pieces of ribbons,
flowers, buttons, feathers-whatever you have around the house:)

You'll also need some glue,
double sided sticky tape
and if you really want to be fancy, or you are a scrapper like me-UTE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel)
Heat gun
Eyelet and eyelet stetting tool
circle puncher might be of a use ;)
and here is what you do:
Take the coaster, and a pritty patterned paper (I have used Anna Griffin Willow collection) from patterned paper I cut out a circle larger then my coaster (about 1inch larger in diameter)
Then I glued coaster to the paper, right in the center

Then I have cut up sections of paper into "flaps" and glued all around coaster.

When I was done with that , I glued my doily right in the center with double sticky tape
set the eylet with eylet setting tool
Next step you might want to skip, if you are the begginer, and just glue your image in the center of the doily.
But, if you are willing you can do heat embossing with UTEE( I did 3 layers of UTEE on my piece), afterwards the heating process place your image in the refregitrator for a few minutes,then remove from cold  and push with your finger as much as you can, to crack the enamel

Then I used some of the wet chalk to make my image more "vintage"
just by rubbing chalk over the cracked image
Proceed to decorate to your taste
Here you can see the crackle effect of UTEE
And, this is my finished gift:
Could be a lovely and memorable gift to someone who has a new baby  boy in the family;)
Happy crafting everyone!